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  • T. D. Nehrer
    Thomas Daniel Nehrer's The Essence of Reality -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Should you arrive here, open minded and sincerely wishing to understand life, then WELCOME!! You have found the right place...
  • "Sailor" Bob Adamson
    This is the direct and immediate introduction to the natural state, the actuality 'That Thou Art', expressed through 'Sailor' Bob Adamson and addressed to seekers who have found their way to him over the past 29 years. Bob's search ended one day in 1976 when he was in the presence of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, a much revered Jnani who functioned always from the 'natural state'. Nisargadatta told Bob that "the greatest help that can be given to anyone is to take them beyond the need for further help." Bob says: "Nisargadatta did this by pointing to the reality, the actuality, THAT I AM. Now, I abide as THAT." So as the opportunity arises, Bob passes on this message to those who are attracted to this wisdom.
  • Metta Zetty
    On the morning of February 5, 1997, Metta Zetty's understanding of the nature of Reality was profoundly changed by an extraordinary experience of spontaneous awakening. In this astonishing and euphoric epiphany, Metta experienced a sudden and direct insight into the essential wholeness, completeness and perfection of Reality -- exactly as it is.
  • T. Michael
    I'm not affiliated with a religious faith. I sincerely hope that any value you may receive from these conversations you will pass along to others.